RinnovaMente | RWE in Italy
RinnovaMente | RWE in Italy


“RinnovaMente – Support the Future!” is the programme we created to support the cultural transition needed to enable the energy and environmental transition in our country. We firmly believe that this transition needs to be understood, communicated, shared and supported by all stakeholders, such as institutions, businesses and citizens.

RinnovaMente – Support the Future!

RinnovaMente is a traininginformation and dialogue programme involving all stakeholders: students, families, economic and social operators and institutions in the area.

Ongoing dialogue with our locations and the people living there, in particular, reveals the importance of encouraging greater knowledge and awareness of the role of renewable energy sources in the fight against climate change and in the realisation of a truly sustainable economic and production system.

The programme includes educational activities in schools, popular Open Days at our locations and other initiatives that provide for active participation by communities, including community funding initiatives through which citizens can invest in the construction of plants in their location and receive a guaranteed and profitable return.